JP Morgan Chase

For over 24 hours, anyone who has been trying to access their online account at JP Morgan Chase, one ot the largest banks in the world, has been unable to access their accounts.  Now rumors abound that it may have been a hacker who brought down the entire system.  And Chase is not helping to dispell the rumors, refusing to comment on what is really happening.

The site went down Monday night and was down all day Tuesday. A Chase spokesman said service was restored early Wednesday, but later Wednesday morning the site again carried a message saying service was unavailable.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the main login page was still down for the Chase site, creating chaos for bank account and credit card users who rely upon the site being up and running.

It would seem that this website crash would be important enough that Chase would actually post something about it on their main website, but apparently they still lack in the customer service department.

Update: The login screens have returned but service is still not fully restored.  Chase spokesman Thomas Kelly said Chase would work with any customers who had online bill payment deadlines they couldn’t meet because of the outage. Outraged bank customers took to their Twitter accounts to share their frustration.




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