dog and peanut butter urban myth“I once knew this family in Jersey that was planning a surprise party for their daughter. They wanted to catch her off guard, so they decided to sneak into her house and hide in her basement before she came home. This woman kept her pet German Shepherd in the basement, so the family decided to hide downstairs and surprise the woman when she came downstairs to feed the dog. The family hides in the basement, all dressed up, and waits for the woman to come home from work. Finally, she arrives, and her family sits quietly while they listen to her walking around upstairs. They hear her walking back to the bedroom, then back into the kitchen. They listen as she opens and closes the cabinet doors, evidently getting ready to feed her dog. Meanwhile, the dog is going nuts, running back and forth and barking for its master. Finally, the woman comes to the door and opens it wide, and yells “Skippy, come and get it!” The family turns on the lights, and there at the top of the landing is their daughter, completely naked, with peanut butter smeared all over her private parts”

The Facts

This myth has it’s roots in the perception that many pet owners have an unnaturally close relationship with their pets which often borders on the absurd. It also allows for discussion of bestiality, a topic otherwise off limits. Now would someone please pass the jelly?




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