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The REAL Sarah Palin Barbie Doll

Urban myth fan David Johnson shares what he calls the REAL Sarah Palin Barbie Doll. It comes complete with all the things you need to be Vice President, including a Moose rifle, camo skirt and Hockey stick.  On sale now on Ebay, this unique work of art makes a great Christmas gift, especially for you moose-huntin’ gun-totin’ God-fearin’ born-again tax-cuttin’ maverick hockey moms! You can email if you would like to be notified when a new piece of our American History is for sale. 

Sarah Palin Baribe Doll on Ebay

Sarah Palin Baribe Doll on Ebay

Sarah Palin Baribe Doll on Ebay 

PS: The matching John Wayne McCain doll is also available, but we can’t seem to remember which house we left him in…



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