yes we can baby
yes we can baby!
Help Stop John McCain’s Vicious Lies

The rumor-turned-attack-TV-ad that says Barack Obama supported a bill to teach sex education to kindergartners has been repeated so many times we don’t blame you if you think it is true.  Not only is this an urban myth, this big fat lie as almost big as the State of Alaska and just ad as cold.  The bill that Obama supported in fact was to teach age-appropriate sex ed, and specifically was to instruct 5 year olds on how to avoid sexual predators and pedophiles!

The bill allowed any parent not comfortable with their kids knowing how to avoid predators to opt out.  What kind of parent would want their kids to be ignorant is another question.  John McCain knows this–but it didnt stop him from putting up a TV ad to scare parent out of voting Obama.  Well it didnt work, and even Karl Rove is saying McCain has gone too far. 

But it really doesn’t matter to maverick John Wayne McCain that this isn’t true, because he’s still running it on his YouTube page:






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