The media is having another field day at Sarah Palin’s expense for the very High School Musical-ish notes she scribbled on the palm of her hand during her weekend appearance at the Tea Party convention.  Most people write phone numbers and shopping lists on their hands.  Not Sarah Palin–she writes her core values on her hands just in case she forgets them.  Thanks to the Huffington Post EXCLUSIVE: Palin’s Tea Party Crib Notes, we now know what’s on Sarah’s hand:

Sarh Palin's Hand Notes

Sara’s notes consisted of reminders such as “energy,” “tax cuts”(she actually crossed out the word  “Budget” and replaced it with Tax”) and “lift American spirit.”  What you didn’t hear On Sarah Palin’s other hand were the phrases “stop winking” “cross your legs, this skirt is way too short” and “don’t mention Russia,” along with a  complete copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  And we hear they are now transcribing the entire New Testament onto the soles of her feet.

TMZ gets the winner for the best innuendo-laden headline with: Sarah Palin’s Hand Gets Job Done

The best runner-up media headlines so far:

Sarah Palin’s Hand Replaces Facebook As Favored Medium of Communication  NY Magazine

Palin: Crib notes from a helping hand Seattle PI Blog

Sarah Palin: Talking to the hand USA Today

And now we know how she managed to get her college diploma by attending 6 colleges in 6 years.  She didnt need to ask for a any handouts, not Sarah; she just put up her hand and the answers were right there in front of her.




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