The Rumor: Donald Trump plans to deport Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda back to his country because he’s from Puerto Rico.

The Facts: This rumor is FALSE.

  • Puerto Rico is a US Territory, so no one can be “deported” to Puerto Rico
  • The New Roman News is a parody news site that features fake news, just like The Onion
  • The city in the Trump rally is called “Racistington, Florida,” a made up name of a place that does not exist on any map. The name itself should be a clue that it’s a parody since it uses the word “Racist” in it’s name.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

LinManuel Miranda (born January 16, 1980) is an American actor, composer, rapper, and writer, best known for creating and starring in the Broadway musicals

lin manuel miranda

Below is the original news story:

Trump to Deport Lin-Manuel Miranda, Doesn’t Realize Puerto Rico is US Territory

November 1, 2016
Lin Manuel Miranda in his Hamilton role

RACISTINGTON – At a huge rally in Racistington Florida, Donald Trump called for Broadway superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda to be deported “back to his country!” His pronouncement was met with huge cheers from his adoring crowd, and a collective sigh from news media attending the event. What Mr. Trump failed to realize was that Miranda was born in the United States in Upper Manhattan, and that Puerto Rico, the island from which Miranda’s family hailed, is actually a U.S. territory.

Speaking of folks “pouring in across the border,” Trump proudly proclaimed, “Lin-Manuel Miranda has illegally entered into our country, stolen jobs from our best and brightest on Broadway, and is trying to rewrite our history with his lousy musical Hamilton. Well, I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard about it, and it stinks, folks. You’ve got actors of all races playing the part of our nation’s founding fathers, and let me tell you, that’s just a slap in the face to our heritage. Such a disgrace.”

Trump continued with his racially insensitive diatribe, “The tax-payer funded joy-ride that Lin-Manuel Miranda has enjoyed in this country is about to come to an end. He’s gone folks, out of here. On my first day in office I will shut down his lousy musical on Broadway, take back all of the Tonys the show has won, and send job-stealer Lin-Manuel Miranda back to Puerto Rico and off US soil!” When later informed that Puerto Rico is a US territory, Trump responded, “Is it one of our 50 states? Is it? No, I thought not. It’s a foreign power, and like all other foreign powers, I plan to cut all ties with the place as soon as I enter office.”