After a week of insulting African American voters by telling them they have no jobs, no money, their neighborhoods are dangerous and they can’t walk down the street without getting shot,  Donald Trump’s pursuit of African American voters took a very strange turn on Saturday after he issued the following statement on Twitter:

Without even first offering condolences to Dwyane Wade or his family, Donald Trump had seized on the family tragedy of an NBA superstar to try to advance his Presidential campaign.  A dozen other people  have been shot and killed in Chicago this past week, but Trump notably didn’t tweet about any of those tragedies.

Dwyane Wade himself had tweeted about the tragedy the day before, receiving nothing but condolences from anyone with half a brain and a sympathetic heart:

But Donald Trump saw this as an opportunity to prove that he was right when he said back people can’t even walk down the street without getting shot. This ignores the simple fact that the vast majority of black people never have and never will be shot.

The backlash to Trump’s posting on Twitter was immediate. And it was furious. As usual, Keith Olbermann landed the hardest punch:

Moms Demand Action pointed out the hypocrisy, using Donald Trump’s own claim that he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any votes.”

Note to Donald Trump: Unless dead people can vote, you would probably lose at least one vote.

Jake from State Farm (user @my2bits4u) gave Trump a reality check with a few facts to back up the smackdown.Spoiler Alert: Trump  is trailing badly among African American voters, especially those not named Ben Carson or Mike Tyson.

Four hours later, and only after the backlash had hit social media, Donald Trump issued a second tweet sending his condolences and prayers to the family. But I f Donald Trump is really interested in public service, he needs to learn that when everything he does is self-serving, he is doing the exact opposite of what public servants are supposed to do, which is to serve the public and not themselves.

So was this Donald Trump’s worst tweet ever? Time will tell. My guess is we won’t have to wait very long.




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