Poll:: More People Would Dislike Any Candidate Endorsed by Donald Trump!

Idiot Alert: Trump Still Thinks Obama Was Born in Kenya!

Mormon Alert: Trump makes Mormon Joke about Jon Huntsman!

donald-trump-hairProving once again that the only thing thinner than Donald Trumps hair is Donald Trumps skin, The Donald went on a mini-rampage this morning on MSNBC.  The Donald’s  target was Chuck Todd, and he attacked Todd, insulting his ratings and calling him dishonest.

What got Trump so riled up was a poll about the potential effect of political endorsements by Donald Trump.  The poll shows that more people would not support a candidate id Trump endorsed them than if he did not endorse them,

“I was watching the show and you said Donald Trump wanted to respond to a poll… I didn’t call you – you called me about 40 times trying to get me on the show,” Trump said. “Your statement is false… I didn’t want to respond. It’s dishonest what you’re saying, Chuck. I wish you would just sort of say it like it is. I think you would get better ratings if you did that.”

Question:  why was Donald Trump calling into the show if he didn’t want to respond? Answer: to prove his skin is as thin as his hair.

Chuck Todd defended himself, saying, “Your folks wanted to respond to the poll, is what I understood.”

Trump responded with another amazing statement saying, “I know a lot about polls. I studied polls at the Wharton School of Finance – you mean to tell me that someone is going to be worse off if I endorse them? I don’t think so. I have a huge following of people that are tired of seeing our country ripped off by China and OPEC and virtually every nation.”

Trump studied polling at Wharton? That’s breaking news. Every time Donald Trump wants to win an argument he throws out Wharton to prove how smart he is.  So since Obama went to Harvard I guess Trump has to admit he is dumber than the President.

“I just reported those numbers,” Todd responded, keeping his cool.

“I just wish you would be straight, Chuck. Honestly, I think you would do a lot better if you were straight,” replied Trump.

Not satisfied with insulting Chuck Todd, President Obama and pollsters, Trump goes on to make a Mormon joke and also insiults George W. Bush and Karl Rove:

“Mr. Huntsman called my office a number of times trying to set up a meeting,” Trump said. “I didn’t have a meeting with him. And then he went on the debate and he said ‘I didn’t meet with Mr. Trump like everyone else in the room.’ I’m sure he’ll tell the truth about that because he’s a Mormon.

Huntsman’s spokesperson tells ThinkProgress, “You’ll be surprised to find out that it’s

Mr. Trump who is not telling the truth. We never requested a meeting. We are focused on issues that matter not presidential apprentice.”

Huntsman had his own response to Trump on FOX News Monday: “I’m not going to kiss his ring and I’m not going to kiss any other part of his anatomy.”

Karl Rove gave us George Bush and George Bush crashed and burned and because of that we have Obama. The Republicans need to get rid of Karl Rove and they need fresh blood because Karl Rove is going to lead them into doom.”

So congratulations to Donald Trump, for insulting Mormons, Presidents Obama and Bush, Chcuk Todd, Karl Rove and Jon Hunstman, you are our Human Urban Myth of the day.





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