Urban Myth: Sarah Palin is Not The Mother of her baby boy Trig.

Daily Kos Governor Sarah Palin Rumor Post

The Daily Kos has now removed their blog and all posts about the rumor that Governor Sarah Palin’s newborn baby Trig was not her own but was in fact her daughters, making Palin the grandmother. Now the page that contained this rumor says only: “Sorry. I can’t seem to find that story. j 1 k 1 l”

Looks like someone quickly (or perhaps was forced to?) remove this trash from the Daily Kos. That’s what happens when you publish crap about peoples kids that just isn’t true, and then call them liars. The blogosphere was supposed to be above this tabloid trash, but instead is now becoming the source of all sorts of instant urban myths and rumors that can even impact a Presidential campaign.

The rumor about Sarah Palin has now been proven untrue since it was just revealed her daughter is now five months pregnant. So just three days after the Daily Kos post created a media firestorm, its gone! Why did Kos delete the post? Our questions to Kos have so far gone unanswered. But you can still see the post on Google thanks to the fact that they cache all the posts!

Here’s what the original post said:

“Sarah Palin Is NOT The Mother [Photos+Video]

Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 01:12:31 PM PDT

Yesterday, with the news of Sarah Louise Heath Palin inexplicably being chosen as a Vice-Presidential nominee, the attentive American public was also introduced to her character. Unfortunately for all of us, it was filled with multiple instances of backtracking and outright lies. While Alaskans had been giving her an 80% approval rating, recently 87% of Alaskans polled on the subject of TrooperGate believed she was lying.

Now, I’ve known liars in my life. Their single core problem is not with themselves, but those around them. If they’re never called out on their twisting of truths and fabrications, they simply continue to make larger lies.

Well, Sarah, I’m calling you a liar. And not even a good one. Trig Paxson Van Palin is not your son. He is your grandson. The sooner you come forward with this revelation to the public, the better.”

It gets worse, much worse. Here’s how it ends:

“It doesn’t come as a surprise that this story was never properly researched. Palin was never on the National scene for more than a few minutes at a time, and local reporting only goes so far on a governor with an 80% approval rating. However, the motivation to cover daughter’s pregnancy aligns with her political standings. She valiantly did not perform an abortion, but fell into the fundamentalist way of thinking, and covered up for the illicit (but natural) action’s of her daughter.

There could be calls below to delete this information. Calls that this type of information is muckraking and ‘below us’. The truth is not below any progressive, nor any citizen of the world that is one heartbeat away from having Palin as leader of the free world. We simply ask that she be forthright, honest, and not waste our time with such juvenile games that anyone with eyes can see as fabrication.

Bristol Palin rightfully should be able to embrace her child in public as her own, with no shame, and no quarter. And a mother should be just as accepting.”

Following is a link to the blog with all the reader comments, including warnings to Kos that this Sarah Palin rumor story may be a right-wing setup designed to deflect attention from the truth Kos, you should have listened to your readers!




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