Is Sarah Palins’s daughter Piper flipping off the crowds at her mom’s rallies? According to this email she is:

Subject: fw: OMG Sarah Palins Kid Gone Wild!!!!

I have always said that YOUR Children ONLY KNOW What YOU Teach Them! See below.

Piper Palin's One Finger Salute

Piper Palin's SaluteThis is another prime example of Palin’s parental skills…..her daughter Piper (Piper Palin? OK) is pissed at some little boy and she is giving him the “finger”.

This is the same girl that licked the palm of her hand and combed her spit across her brother’s head during the Convention….lol. I’m sure the child learned about giving the finger, and what that means. And now here’s an example of it in her youngest daughter. Wow! (If this were one of Barack’s young daughters doing this, it would be front page news!!) Forward this to all your Republican friends before it’s too late!!!!

Yes, that’s little Piper, apparently giving the finger to the kid on stage, probably because mommy told her he was a socialist tax and spend liberal hell bent on destroying America, and is also Bill Ayer’s best friend.   But sorry, the picture was doctored from the original (see below) in which Piper is really making the peace sign. Now that’s one gesture you will likely never see her mommy make!


Piper Palin Original
Piper Palin Original




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