burundangaDid you get the e-mail about the attackers using business card laced with a dangerous drug called burundanga? Some are calling it a hoax, but the drug burndanga is in fact real, and is often used in place of a date rape drug.

As we reported a few years ago, Snopes.com got the Burundanga story wrong after woman reported being drugged after being handed a pamphlet at a gas station.

While you may not get drugged with a tainted business card, but if someone puts this into your drink, you could turn into a zombie.  In a recent incident in New York, a man was drugged then taken to his ATM where he emptied his account for the thieves, and didn’t;te remember a thing until seeing the bank surveillance video.

What is burundanga? It is a drug — the street version of scopolamine, well known in pharmacy and law enforcement as a ‘truth serum.’ It is extracted from a tree widespread in Colombia.

Its main effect after a ‘normal’ dose is the loss of will, although you will remain conscious. You can no longer resist when a thief orders you to hand over your money and valuables. There are known cases of rape under the effect of burundanga. Other effects are loss of memory and sleepiness, which may last from a few hours to several days. An overdose may be lethal.

Burundanga can be put into sweets, cigarettes, chewing gum, soft drinks, beer — virtually any kind of food or drink. The drug has no noticeable odor or taste.

Before it can have any appreciable effect, you must inhale or swallow burundanga, or have prolonged contact with it. Fleeting contact with a business card, as in the story, cannot do it. The story also says the lady detected a strong odor; in fact, burundanga is odorless and tasteless.

In 2008, Vice News aired an episode called “Colombian Devil’s Breath” recounting the use of scopolamine by Colombian criminals as a suggestion drug. The two-part investigation contains multiple first-hand accounts of its use. Here’s the video clip:

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via Wikipedia:

Scopolamine3DanScopolamine has been used under the name burundanga in Venezuelan and Thailand resorts in order to drug and then rob tourists. While there are unfounded rumors that delivery mechanisms include using pamphlets and flyers laced with the drug, not enough is readily absorbed through the skin to have an effect. However, spiked alcoholic drinks are occasionally used.

In recent years the criminal use of scopolamine has become an epidemic. Approximately half of emergency room admissions for poisoning in Bogotá have been attributed to scopolamine.[22]

Victims of this crime are often admitted to a hospital in police custody, under the assumption that the patient is experiencing a psychotic episode.. A telltale sign is a fever accompanied by a lack of sweat.

Scopolamine is used criminally as a date rape drug and as an aid to robbery,[23] the most common act being the clandestine drugging of a victim’s drink.[23] It is preferred because it induces anterograde amnesia, or an inability to recall events a certain amount of time after its administration or during the time of intoxication.

Here’s the e-mail version:

Share with your sisters, daughters, nieces, mothers, and female friends. This Incident has been confirmed.

A man came over and offered his services as a painter to a female putting gas in her car and left his card. She said no, but accepted his card out of kindness and got in the car.

The man then got into a car driven by another gentleman. As the lady left the service station, she saw the men following her out of the station at the same time. Almost immediately, she started to feel dizzy and could not catch her breath. She tried to open the window and realized that the odor was on her hand; the same hand which accepted the card from the gentleman at the gas station.

She then noticed the men were immediately behind her and she felt she needed to do something at that moment. She drove into the first driveway and began to honk her horn repeatedly to ask for help. The men drove away but the lady still felt pretty bad for several minutes after she could finally catch her breath. Apparently, there was a substance on the card that could have seriously injured her.

This drug is called ‘BURUNDANGA’ and it is used by people who wish to incapacitate a victim in order to steal from or take advantage of them.

This drug is four times dangerous than the date rape drug and is transferable on simple cards.

So take heed and make sure you don’t accept cards at any given time alone or from someone on the streets. This applies to those making house calls and slipping you a card when they offer their services.







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