Romy writes:

My boyfriend and I have lived at our current home for a couple of years now. We are first home buyers and have made a lot of effort to become friends with the neighbours. Max our Pup is one year old now and recently my boyfriend came home to find our neighbours pet rabbit ‘Puffy’ firmly gripped between the jaws of our beloved pup. You can imagine the horror on his face as he ordered the Pup to ‘let go’ as the white ball of fluff had turned into a limp ball of mud and blood.

My boyfriend in a fit of panic washed what was left of the bunny and fluffed it up with my hair dryer. The neighbours were not home, Polly had gone to collect her children, Henry 10, Thomas 8 and Rosy 5 from school. My boyfriend, still in shock put Puffy back in her hutch and sat down for many a beer.

When he told me the story I was certain that our neighbours would call our local council and have the dog put down. Around dinner time that evening we heard the children playing outside in their yard and then heard Rosy let out a horrific scream. The children were screaming and crying and we knew that they’d found the dead bunny in the hutch.


We avoided Polly and Jeff and the kids for a couple of weeks but one weekend while watering the garden Jeff yelled a hello across the fence. They walked over to the fence and had a casual chat and then my boyfriend asked about the screams he’d heard that evening a couple of weeks ago from the children.

‘Oh yeah’ said Jeff in bewilderment. ‘It was the strangest thing, about a month ago the kids bunny died and then two weeks later it was back in the hutch, all washed and stuff’

Turned out our dog had dug it up.




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