Who knew? Tiger Woods drives more Asian than he does Black! Tiger Woods describes himself as Cablinasian, a term Tiger Woods himself made up. It is a mixture of Caucasian, Black, American-Indian, and Asian, which is his ethnic make-up of a quarter Chinese, a quarter Thai, a quarter Black, an eighth Native American and an eighth Dutch. Basically hes like most of us, a mutt, but with a much fancier name.

But who knew the guy who looks black and talks white drives like one of the Boat People with an expired green card? Appropriately, the Chinese have re-created Tigers SUV accident in this news video, which seems to get everything right except that Tiger is driving a minivan instead of a Caddy SUV, and he waswas wearing a tee shirt and shorts. He also was not wearing any shoes, not even Nikes, a fact which which Nike will no doubt forever grateful.


Just Do It or Just Screw It?

Nike so far is staying by their man, but every hour a new Tiger scandal seems to emerge. The biggest urban myth is that Tiger Woods has earned $1 Billion from endorsements, mostly from Nike, yet he is living in a home worth only $2.5 million?  The good news for sponsors is they can now use the Tiger scandal in their advertising for free. Spirit Air is running a $9 “Eye Of The Tiger” sale featuring a real tiger crashing an SUV into a hydrant. That’s only funny if you dont’t mind an airline making fun of crashes. Maybe Nike should cash in and change their tagline to “Just Screw It.”

Tiger Woods Spirit Airlines Ad




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