Tiger Woods Sex Tape

Devon James has still no produced any proof that her alleged sex tape with Tiger Woods exists, and now has made racist comments about a man who claims she paid him to make a porn movie in which she repeatedly called him “Tiger.”

According to RadarOnline:

The porn star who claims to have made a sex tape with Tiger Woods went on a racist rant – along with her husband – against the man who is alleging the tape is fake and that he was hired to impersonate Tiger for it, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

EXCLUSIVE: Read The Racist Facebook Exchange

Devon James and her husband Nick are selling what they’re boasting is James’ sex tape with Tiger.

They have a Web site that is taking preorders, but they have yet to produce evidence the tape actually exists.

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Now, Devon and Nick have called Teneal Goyco, the man who says he was hired to impersonate Tiger, the “N” word.

They spewed racist taunts at Goyco in a Facebook exchange that was intended to be private, but was reviewed by RadarOnline.com.

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“We have never even met your n**ger a**,” Nick wrote, adding that he wants to fight Goyco.

And, while threatening to sue Goyco, he wrote: “what you gonna run away from process server… I heard black people are fast but not that fast.”

Nick also added: “I’ll beat that bell pepper nose off your lying black a** motherf**ker.”




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