Snookis naked pic: real or real fake? Our long national nightmare is finally over. The Naked Snooki pic is finally out, and so is the jury as to whether this pic is real or just a real fake. Certainly the fake tan looks real enough to be Snookums, and the cute face matches too…but the bod looks a little bit..uh,.different from the reality show version we have all grown to love.  Notice the strong leg muscles, those quads and nice smooth hips.  Something is missing, and since it’s obviously not the vegetables it must be the meat.  America wants to know: Where’s the beef?

Heres a pic posted by Snoki herself from her bedroom–and the paint color on the walls looks like a close match:

Snooki Bedroom Pic

Theory #2: Maybe its an older pic of the ORIGINAL Snooki–take a look at her she was on MTV before she ever appeared on Jersey Shore on a show called “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” The show has the guido/guidette plotline, but a different cast.  It never made it, but MTV saw the future when the cast Snkki in Jersey Shore.  Snooki is also rumored to be making a dating show called Snookin For Love, and will one day no doubt be running MTV.

Here is Snooki’s TweetPhoto feed, you be the judge.




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