It’s official, Michael Phelp’s new GF Caroline CaZ Pal is HOT. He’s getting lots of flack for dating the topless model Las Vegas cocktail waitress. But who are we to deny eight-time Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps a little happiness?  Her MySpace page says shes a “swinger.”  Occupation? Professional Bottle Popper (we bet that’s not all she’s popping!) Mr.  Phelps obvoiusly has the right strokes to keep this Cal State Northridge Alumnus  happy.  Tila Tequila, theres a new babe in town,  and she’s got a real man, so eat your reality-show making bisexual heart out!

Michael Phelps and Caroline CaZ Pal

Caroline CaZ Pal and MP seen here last month hanging in Vegas, wonder if Michael was invited to the birthday party at The Palms?






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