Identity Thief

How Facebook Can Steal Your Identity

Did you know that Facebook makes it easy for others to steal your identity?  Since every person in a given group needs the company...

ChatRoulette: Chat At Your Own Risk

ChatRoulette is where you go into a chatroom and get to chat with a random stranger.  You can Next the, and they can Next...
drano water bottle bombs

Water and Drano Bottle Bombs Alert

Bottle bombs containing Drano and water are showing up in people's yards, and yes they are quite real.  These devices consist of a plastic...
Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Iceland Erupts

Did Global Warming Cause Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Eruption?

New evidence suggests that global warming caused Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Eruption.  In fact the eruption of the same volcano that is now wreaking havoc...
British Petroleum: Bringing People Together

The BP Ad You Probably Haven’t Seen

BP: Bringing People Together...against big oil companies, with environmental disasters. The tagline?  "Brown. It's the new green." So how's that orangey, oily, leaky thing...
JP Morgan Chase

Day 3:Chase website still down. Was Chase Online Banking Hacked?

For over 24 hours, anyone who has been trying to access their online account at JP Morgan Chase, one ot the largest banks...
Hot babe with boobs recycling

Just a reminder that Earth Day is April 22

This proves that it's not just tree hugging nerds who like to recycle.  Go green!

iPhones Hijacked By Fake AT&T Wi-Fi hot spots

Want your passwords, identity and email stolen with that latte?  That could happen if your iPhone connects to a phony Wi-Fi hot spot labeled...
Helix Nebula, The Eye Of God

Is The Helix Nebula The Eye Of God?

Subject: Fw: Eye of God This is a picture taken by NASA with the Hubble telescope. They are referring to it as the... shipping robot

Amazon’s Glitch Myth Debunked: Censorship Lives

After removing then restoring gay and lesbian book titles to its sales rankings, has been caught in a logic loop that defies all...