The Collest Cooler Goes Bust

Uncool: The Myth of Kickstarter: The Coolest Cooler Runs Our Of Cash

Remember that cooler everyone bought on Kickstarter with the built-in blender, radio, speaker, LED light and onboard nuclear generator? They raised $13 million to...
Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Iceland Erupts

Did Global Warming Cause Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Eruption?

New evidence suggests that global warming caused Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Eruption.  In fact the eruption of the same volcano that is now wreaking havoc...
Google renamed Topeka

Google Has A New Name: Meet Topeka

In an effort to boost its sagging brand image, low stock price and general lack of consumer awareness, Google has decided to re-brand...
cant unsee cat

Horrfied By Scary Timeline Videos? How To Turn Off Autoplay

Many people were shocked to see the video of the crazed gunman shootngs of the Roanoke, Virginai TV news crew automatically playing on their...
British Petroleum: Bringing People Together

The BP Ad You Probably Haven’t Seen

BP: Bringing People Together...against big oil companies, with environmental disasters. The tagline?  "Brown. It's the new green." So how's that orangey, oily, leaky thing...
laptop-crank up $100 MIT

Starbucks Pulls The Plug On Free Electricity

Say Hello To Free WiFi at Starbucks, Goodbye To Free Electric Outlets Welcome to Starbucks, home of the dead and dying personal electrical device....
Identity Thief

How Facebook Can Steal Your Identity

Did you know that Facebook makes it easy for others to steal your identity?  Since every person in a given group needs the company...
drano water bottle bombs

Water and Drano Bottle Bombs Alert

Bottle bombs containing Drano and water are showing up in people's yards, and yes they are quite real.  These devices consist of a plastic...
Hot babe with boobs recycling

Just a reminder that Earth Day is April 22

This proves that it's not just tree hugging nerds who like to recycle.  Go green!
Mexican alien baby hoax

Watch: Is The Mexican UFO Alien Baby Real?

This video which claims to show the corpse of an alien baby found by a Mexican farmer in 2007 seems to prove that even...