drano water bottle bombs

Water and Drano Bottle Bombs Alert

Bottle bombs containing Drano and water are showing up in people's yards, and yes they are quite real.  These devices consist of a plastic...

Columbian Hooker and Prostitute Myths

In light of the Secret Service prostitute scandal, we thought we should enlighten you about the truth about Colombian hookers and prostitues, just...
Melania and Donad Trump

Is Melania Trump Ready To Be America’s First Lady?

Melania Trump could soon be America's next First Lady.  But recent events, from her plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech at the Republican Convention, to questions...
Bernie Sanders arrest photo

Bernie Sanders Arrested: His Record of Civil Rights Activism is Confirmed

  Over the last week or so several media outlets (hello Hillary Clinton supporters) have been questioning, and indeed even spreading nasty rumors, regarding Bernie...
Kirstie Alley Weight Gain and Loss

Kirstie Alley’s Weight Gain:Publicity Stunt Or Major Pig Out?

Kirstie Alley revealed to Oprah that she has gained 85 pounds since her famous bikini-wearing stunt on Oprah two years ago.  As everyone now...
Alec Baldwin plays Donald Trump on SNL

Watch Alec Baldwin Slay Donald Trump On Saturday Night Live

Alec Baldwin has signed on to play Donald Trump this season on Saturday Night Live, and he absolutely slays it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nQGBZQrtT0
whole foods hipster

Whole Ripoff: NYC Accuses Whole Foods Of Massive Overcharging (updated)

Remember the old joke that says Whole Foods real name is actually Whole Paycheck? It turns out the joke is true. Whole Foods has...

Daddy’s Little Hooker

A married Israeli businessman away from home on a business trip checked into a hotel and, immediately feeling lonely, called an escort service.  Fancying...