The Tommy Hilfiger Oprah Myth That Just Won’t Die

The Tommy Hilfiger is a racist hoax e-mail has been circulating for over 15 years--we originally received it in the late 1990s, and it...


Have you ever heard strange stories about sex? Lets clear up some urban myths about sex and the use of certain toys or condoms.... shipping robot

Amazon’s Glitch Myth Debunked: Censorship Lives

After removing then restoring gay and lesbian book titles to its sales rankings, has been caught in a logic loop that defies all...
Snookis naked pic: real or real fake?

Naked Snooki Pic: Real or Fake?

Our long national nightmare is finally over. The Naked Snooki pic is finally out, and so is the jury as to whether this...
Alec Baldwin plays Donald Trump on SNL

Watch Alec Baldwin Slay Donald Trump On Saturday Night Live

Alec Baldwin has signed on to play Donald Trump this season on Saturday Night Live, and he absolutely slays it.
Mikey Pop Rocks and Coke Myth

Mikey Lives! The Pop Rocks And Coke Myth

Remember Mikey, the little kid from the 1971 Life Cereal commercials who liked to hate everything? Well, according to various sources, Mikey liked to...
Hillary Clinton Adopts and Alien

Hillary Clintons Alien Love Child

Looks like Bill Clinton isn't the only one in the family with a few relationships he'd rather keep secret! According to the World weekly...

The Donald Trump Emo Music Video You Mist See

This hilarious Donald Trump early 2000's Emo music video is pure genius. Who knew the President was so musical? Or so sad?
Obama Starbucks

Starbucks: Just Ask For The Black Guy

We've heard the old saying "Once you try black you'll never go back" but Starbucks has taken it to a whole new level. Reader...

Is Donald Trump Lying about Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate, Is He a Political Opportunist,...

Donald Trump release his own unofficial birth certificate which proves he was born in...Jamaica? Why Trump is using the Birther Movement in a...