The Donald Trump Emo Music Video You Mist See

This hilarious Donald Trump early 2000's Emo music video is pure genius. Who knew the President was so musical? Or so sad?
Donald Trump rallyvideo

Experience The Racism, Stupidity and Horror Of A Trump Rally

Jordan Klepper From The Daily Show went to a Trump Rally in Tennessee. And what was it like to be at a Trump rally...
Nicole Kidman Clapping

Why Does Nicole Kidman Clapping have Dr. Seuss Hands?

Video of Nicole Kidman clapping at the Oscars went viral after it appeared that her fingers were bending backwards like the character in a...

Are Illegal Border Crossings From Mexico Really Down?

According to the Trump Administration, US border crossings for Mexico into the US have suddenly decreased, hitting a five-year low in February of 2017....

Beware of Kidnappers: The Shirt On Your Windsheild Wiper Trick

  A Michigan teenager is warning people about a possible kidnapping tactic after finding a checkered shirt wrapped around her windshield wiper, and her creepy situation...
Donald Trump, Mexico Wall

The German Golfer Story That Convinced Donald Trump Voter Fraud Is Real

Donald Trump is absolutely convinced there is massive voter fraud going on  in the United States -- even though he was just elected President....
Cute Asian Couple

Are Asian Men Any Good In Bed?

Study Reveals Width Is More Important To Women Than Length We all know the stories about Asian men's sexual prowess, or the lack thereof, and...

Is Donald Trump Planning to Deport Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda?

The Rumor: Donald Trump plans to deport Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda back to his country because he's from Puerto Rico. The Facts: This rumor is FALSE. ...
Was Hllary Clinton Fired from Watergate Committee?

Fact or Fiction: Was Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate investigation?

Was Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate investigation for unethical behavior? Donald Trump made this claim in the last debate, and keeps repeating it in...
Alec Baldwin plays Donald Trump on SNL

Watch Alec Baldwin Slay Donald Trump On Saturday Night Live

Alec Baldwin has signed on to play Donald Trump this season on Saturday Night Live, and he absolutely slays it.